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Shuffleboard is a great, easy-to-learn, challenging-to-master, all-ages activity that provides hours of entertainment at any event or home.

The premise is simple, you take turns competing against another player to see who can slide their pieces(weights) further without having them fall off the edges of the board. Opponents pieces can legally be knocked off the end or sides of the shuffleboard scoring area to prevent your competitor from scoring. The game is typically played to 15 or 21 points, players' choice.

To include more players, you can partner up with a friend, and take turns, on opposite sides of the table, each with an opponent on your side.

The mechanics of shuffleboard are what make it so challenging. The table is lightly sprinkled with special sand that helps to reduce the friction between the weight and the table. Getting the correct amount of force applied to the weight to move it most of the way down the board, without it falling off the edge, is more challenging than it first appears. Despite it's challenge, children can just as easily participate, making this the perfect activity for any occasion.

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  • Required space: 12' × 3'
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