Aqua Blaster Dunk Tank Alternative

Aqua Blaster Dunk Tank Alternative Rental

The Aqua Blaster is this century’s version of the dunk tank rental. Complete with loud noises, throwing balls, and a pressurized water chamber, get the effect of a traditional dunking experience and so much more. By removing the ability to fall, and eliminating a large tub of standing water, there is no risk of injury to the participating player.

Guests will stand a designated distance from the Aqua Blaster unit, and attempt to throw the ball at the red and white target. The target, while in front of the participant, is surrounded by strong plexiglass to prevent them from getting hit. When the target is struck by the ball, the device is triggered to release a large amount of pressurized air into a waiting water tube. The water is forced at high velocities into the face and body of the person, effectively soaking them in a split second.

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